Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sweet Smells

Here are some pleasant natural fragrances that I enjoy. The fresh smell of water in the air right after a thunderstorm; a recently mowed lawn or hayfield. Salt sea air as the fog rolls in on a summer night. Spring time at home when the ceanothus or buck brush is blooming on the back hill. A spring time bike ride when the local flowers are blooming. The Tahoe and Sierra pine trees. The musty smell of my grandmothers cellar from long ago. Iowa farms as long as there are no cattle or hogs. Lastly, chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven, okay maybe that last one is not a "natural" fragrance.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


I was ready to take a Tahoe bike ride this afternoon and decided to cancel after seeing a dark gray sky and hearing some thunder. It was the correct choice. The skies flashed, threw ice cubes and then dumped. Coastal California where I live most of the time rarely has thunderstorms and I kind of miss them. Here in the mountains I find them refreshing as long as I'm in a sheltered place. Even a tent will do and that has happened on occasion. Most of the time these storms are a minor delay in a nice day. After the storm moves through it leaves a fresh fragrance like the day has been washed clean. Of course the flash (no delay) boom is a little scary and should be respected.