Friday, December 31, 2010

Competent People

I'm always appreciative of competent people, whether it is my doctor, a nurse, a clerk, a bartender or what ever. I'm talking about people who are good at their job, are cognizant of what is happening around them as they work, stay focused on the task and do it with good cheer. All too often I see crabby people who don't like or want to work and bring down everybody around them. Right now the the song "Don't worry be happy" pops into my mind. The competent workers anticipate problems and deal with them quietly and quickly. They make the customer or patient feel comfortable and they perform the necessary task as efficiently as possible. Now I'm not suggesting that many doctors or nurses or bartenders are not competent except that sometimes they forget the good cheer. I could also be accused of this especially when I'm working on the house. We are never too old too learn.