Saturday, July 31, 2010


Yellowstone Park is the American Serengeti. I don't remember the park ever being so lush and green and overflowing with wild flowers. It is like a huge salad bowl for herbivores of which there are plenty. Deer, pronghorn antelope, elk, bison, along with black bear, grizzly bear, coyote, wolves, bald eagles, I saw all of them in a four day stay plus various other birds. This park is truly a national treasure and should be preserved in eternity. Thank you to President Grant who gave Yellowstone protected status and President Teddy Roosevelt who started the National Park system.

We saw elk but not the large herds we have seen in previous visits and we know that moose are there but we didn't see one. The highlights were the grizzly bear that walked around the car and watching wolf pups play on a hill side. I hope my experience is available and cherished by future generations.

Friday, July 16, 2010


True to my history as an athlete and a P.E. teacher I love to ride my road bike for the exercise and the joy of being out and around. The simple reason is it makes me feel better. A more complicated reason is it's a chance to feel like an athlete. Throughout my life I have watched good athletes retire from competition and sit in the rocking chair so to speak. Not for me, the athletic experience is one I fondly reflect on and one that I want to continue as long as possible.

Today's ride was a leap forward. Because of winter and an injury I had to stay off the bike for a couple months. The result was a loss of leg strength that became readily apparent climbing hills. Even the smaller hills brought complaints from the quadriceps, however a little work in the weight room and more work at climbing and the body, even old bodies adapt and get stronger. Some days I'm glad the ride is over, today I reached my mileage goal but I could have easily (mentally and physically) added more distance. I guess the endorphins were working.