Sunday, March 6, 2011

National Debt

Our federal government has a budget problem and at least one of the political parties is trying to reduce spending on those who have nothing to do with the bulging debt. It makes no sense to give tax cuts, start wars, run up the bill and then cut services to those in need. If the Bush tax cuts were never approved we would have a much different financial picture. We have two wars that are not paid for. If there had been a mandatory tax increase with each war we would have never gone to war. It there had been a draft we would have never gone to war. Public opinion wouldn't have allowed it to happen.

In the proposed federal budget $703.1 billion for defense, but then add in: counter terrorism activities of the State Department, Homeland Security, CIA, NSA, Veterans Administration, debt payments of previous wars and benefits for retirees, then we are over $1.2 trillion. Heck the Army even sinks millions into NASCAR sponsorship. We need to stop the wars and close many of our foreign military bases and let those countries provide their own defense. A bomb dropped in war is money blown up.