Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Heartland or West Coast

I just spent 12 days in the "Heartland", it was fun, I have good friends there, I have relatives there, I've been there before. With that said I'm still a west coast guy. When magazines list the 5 or 10 best places to live I rarely agree. Weather is number one. We left the mid west in clouds and drizzling rain. We arrived on the west coast in clear skies and sunny warm weather. In the mid west I rode bikes with friends under gray skies and a chilling wind thinking the whole time about sunny west coast weather. Overall during our stay in the mid west we did have good weather but it was luck pure luck, a few weeks earlier and the weather was wet and miserable. Good for them the rain makes the corn grow, but then I don't eat much corn. The corn grows everywhere, travel anywhere in the mid west and the scene is the same, fields of corn or soybeans. Contrast that with where I am tonight at Lake Tahoe. Tomorrow I will be in the redwood trees or on the beach. As I said just a west coast guy.

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Brittany said...

Some people will tell you that you eat more corn than you think...it's in everything, ya know! Glad you are home, now water the plants.