Sunday, April 18, 2010

More Kona

If the country is in a recession it is not affecting the Kona Brewing Company. Business was good tonight and according to the hostess tonight was typical.

I'm surprised at the amount of traffic on this island but then public transits is nonexistent. Nevertheless there is a large amount of traffic everywhere we go. Question, why have a four wheel drive? There can't be many off road areas, the lava would shred the tires and I'm sure the island has never seen chain control.

Gas prices are approaching $4 and have surely been there before. I would think more fuel efficient cars would be the norm, not so. Kona has more than it's share of big four wheel drive trucks and SUV's. I have only seen a couple Prius. I guess I expected to see a more European style of auto. Oh and we rented a small compact vehicle.

A couple additional observations, we have not seen any travel trailers or motorhomes and there are no out of state license plates.

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Brittany said...

And how was the Kona Brewing Company?