Friday, July 16, 2010


True to my history as an athlete and a P.E. teacher I love to ride my road bike for the exercise and the joy of being out and around. The simple reason is it makes me feel better. A more complicated reason is it's a chance to feel like an athlete. Throughout my life I have watched good athletes retire from competition and sit in the rocking chair so to speak. Not for me, the athletic experience is one I fondly reflect on and one that I want to continue as long as possible.

Today's ride was a leap forward. Because of winter and an injury I had to stay off the bike for a couple months. The result was a loss of leg strength that became readily apparent climbing hills. Even the smaller hills brought complaints from the quadriceps, however a little work in the weight room and more work at climbing and the body, even old bodies adapt and get stronger. Some days I'm glad the ride is over, today I reached my mileage goal but I could have easily (mentally and physically) added more distance. I guess the endorphins were working.

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