Monday, May 27, 2013

Southern Ireland

Tonight we are in Kenmare a small town that is rather touristy but in a good way. In reality this is a town of B & B's and the gateway to the Ring of Kerry which is a 112 mile drive around southern Ireland with some spectacular scenery. We are about 3 hours south of Dublin and made a stop in Cahir for lunch and a tour of castle Cahir after which we made a side trip to Kinsale and a Guinness at the Spaniard a pub established around 1601. Tonight after dinner at our B & B which is actually a small hotel we meandered around and listened to Irish music some of which is still happening right below our room. Our stay here in Kenmare was an impromptu decision, Gail found the B & B online and we booked it right before we left not really knowing what we were getting into. Well it is all good, nuff said I'm going to bed and the Irish music can serenade me.

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