Sunday, October 13, 2013

West Cliff

Saturday I was riding my bike on West Cliff Drive and saw thousands of birds in the water close to the cliffs. I had been told there has been a feeding frenzy of birds, dolphins, sea lions and whales and to my pleasure it was still happening. Hanging out for about an hour there were arctic terns, brown pelicans, gulls and cormorants in the water, on the beach in the air and diving for food. It was quite a spectacle. There were dolphins cruising by and out to sea whales were blowing and breaching. Sunday they closed off West Cliff to traffic and the results was a huge seaside fair with bands, booths, drummers, cyclist, walkers and gawkers. I have long been an advocate of closing streets and roads, especially for cyclist. I am hoping this idea spreads to other streets and other communities. It was a fun time to live in Santa Cruz County.

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