Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I have a few TV programs I like, mostly political, in addition to football, soccer, baseball and cycling. I go the to movies about once a year, maybe. What I don't like are the commercials, too much violence both on TV and in movie previews. Most movie previews convince me to avoid the film at all costs. TV commercials are just as bad, but I do make liberal use of the mute button. Recently a member of one of my households watched a movie on TV it went like this: stern talking, screams, shots, screeching tires, panic talking, explosions and so on. Two days later they put on a different movie. Judging by the sounds it was the same movie with a little different dialogue. If you look at my profile a couple of my favorite movies have some violence but nothing like current films. What happened to good stories, good humor and a little drama. Have all the good screen writers died?

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Nick said...

Lately we've been hearing about people called "cable cutters," i.e., those who have canceled their cable or satellite TV service and simply depended upon the Internet for the shows, movies, and video they want to see. With seemingly more films, full TV episodes, and programs of all kinds available online each day, it sounds to me like a passable alternative to the futile act of going up and down the remote from channels 1 to 600 and finding nothing to watch! And I couldn't agree more about the quality of mainstream movies--the guiding principle of filmmaking seems to be "the noisier the better."