Saturday, November 28, 2009

Health Care

I'm wondering when the break through for a national health care will happen. Currently the insurance industry and their lobbyist are working hard to defeat any such thing. Strange country we have, a majority of the population supports national health care. Are our representatives in Congress listening? Most of the Democrats are and none of the Republicans. Our current health care system is really an expensive health care market. We pay more than twice as much per capita than France, Germany, UK, Sweden and Italy and get less. If you can afford to buy you can get health care if not you are no better than those in third world countries. At a recent free health clinic in New Orleans 83% of the attendees had a job they just didn't have enough to buy health insurance. So in effect we have a rationed health care system.

When we finally get a national health care system it will become as important to our population as Social Security and Medicare. Personally I prefer Medicare for all.

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