Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sustainable living

I went to a movie Wednesday night called "No Impact Man". It was about living sustainably, eating locally, reducing waste, reducing carbon emissions, reducing consumption and basically living green. You can check out the website here. A man, wife and child go on a one year program to reduce or eliminate all of the above. It obviously wasn't easy but there is a lot to learn from such an undertaking.

I have to agree with the basic premise, we buy too much, create too much trash, travel too much and our food moves thousands of miles to get to us. Meanwhile we are using earth resources at a rapid pace as if they will always be there. I wonder what kind of planet we will have in another 50 years. I wonder how many people are concerned about what the future will look like for the children of today.

Oh and by the way, the film had no violence, no shootings, no explosions. It was refreshing and the theater was full.

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