Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We or Me

I've been away from this blog thinking I'm being too political. However this is a pivotal time in the history of this country. We are close to reforming health care and 36 million Americans really need help. My thought is we need to be more of a "we" country and less of a "me" country. There are American citizens out there who are out of work and don't have health care. Jobs are lost and prospects of getting employed are bleak. These are not slackers or welfare queens, these are hard working folks who can't find a job. The lack of health care is one more worry and many times results in the loss of life simply because people won't go to the doctor.

A for profit health insurance industry is not a national health care system. It only caters to those who can afford it or those who don't have pre-existing conditions. Sadly if we don't get reform health care costs will go up dramatically. Already we pay twice as much per person as any other country and have fewer people covered. The system is broken.

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