Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Prez in Baltimore

President Obama accepted an invitation to speak at a Republican retreat in Baltimore. With TV cameras rolling the President took questions from Republicans and gave a masterful performance. With no notes, no teleprompter and no foreknowledge of the questions he debunked their facts and their arguments. He continually showed a knowledge of policy and legislation and using their own words gave a firm rebuttal to GOP arguments. He seemed to know and understand GOP talking points better than they did. Using a sense of humor he chastised the GOP for their scare tactic as unproductive politics and not leadership.

This was television at its best and a wonderful view of the President. He was like a law professor lecturing a group of students. If you missed this performance there might be a rerun on C-Span, I'm sure the GOP won't invite him again with TV cameras running.

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