Thursday, January 21, 2010


I have long stated we do not have a democracy in this country especially when special interest money, as we have seen in the health care debate, controls Congress. Now the Supreme court in a 5-4 decision, which really looks like "legislating from the bench", opened the doors to unlimited corporate money in political affairs. This is open season on bribery and will change the politics of this country.

As an individual it is difficult to be heard especially when lobbyist with their large bank accounts have much more access to Congress. Thirty years ago their were only a handful of lobbyist and now they are numbered in the thousands and when members of Congress retire or are voted out they join the payroll of lobbyist. Now the bank account of corporate lobbyist is unlimited, thanks to the Supremes.

Be aware in the next round of elections misinformation will abound. It will come from corporations intent on swaying public opinion and convincing them to vote for the corporate approved candidate.

Kiss your democracy goodbye it is now a plutocracy.

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