Friday, October 9, 2009


Many people visit foreign countries but I'm not sure how many have the opportunity to go into the homes of the locals. We had dinner with the owners of our house rental last night and it was a time to be remembered. There were 10 for a dinner consisting of 9 courses with wine changing according to the food at hand. The Conversation was plentiful although in English, French and Spanish. We did have 5 Spanish speakers one of
which was Robert our host who was most gracious. It was quite an experience to converse in three languages as the evening flowed. We were even allowed into our hosts meeting room of the secret Cepe society. Dinner began a 8pm and ended after midnight, wine of course in the beginning and cognac at the end with a fabulous meal provided by Mary Jo our hostess. The dinner totally dispelled the myth of the unfriendly French people. The magic of the evening culminated with a guitar and songs by Robert. My PB friend Cathie Mac would have loved this dinner.

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Nick said...

I think that the food itself would have been the least important component of this evening. Just the simple and timeless grace and hospitality of this gathering is worth the trip itself. It seems that this is the kind of experience that would transcend the usual concept of "vacations" or "traveling" and serve as a way of connecting you with the greater world around yourself. No doubt you won't soon forget it.