Tuesday, October 6, 2009

French Food

One week in France and I am still struggling with the food. Restaurant fare can be rather expensive and the choices are unlike an American menu. Mussels, oysters, duck, ham, goat cheese, gizzards, uncooked salmon and more cheese are listed. Pasta dishes seem to be nonexistent, I guess we should go to Italy. Of course most menus are entirely in French so it can be a guess as to what you are ordering. I had a club sandwich the first night that was unlike any club sandwich I have ever eaten. One meal item that is plentiful are pomme frites or chips or french fries, just as in the U.S. they can be eaten every meal. The do have apple pie but in a very small size, ice cream or graces as they say in French, non!

Most of the food is well prepared and tasty, elegantly presented but small in proportion. Lastly restaurant food is expensive, at first glance the price seems okay until you remember the price is in euros and that means more in dollars. We have been in touristy areas which no doubt jacks up the price. Soon we will be going to Paris which will be worse.

I searched through the grocery store for a few favorite items and only found one. Peanut butter eluded me until I found an english speaking local who directed me to the right section. Gatorade and power bars are not to be found. We did find peanuts and almonds but they don't taste the same. As expected the wine section is huge but more on that later.

My cycling friend Bob would die over here without a cheeseburger in sight.

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Anonymous said...

I was wondering how the food thing was going. Told malinda he better find Peanut butter sounds like you did hope your having fun will send some new pics on email tomorrow. Lova ya have fun joeben