Monday, October 5, 2009

Driving in France

With gas at around $5.30 per gallon, as you would expect all the cars are small. The narrow roads and tight village streets might have something to do with the choice of vehicles. We have been through many small villages that would be from difficult to impossible to navigate with a big American SUV. The rental car is a small diesel comfortable and able to carry four adults with baggage. Gas mileage computed to 53mpg after the first fill up. Great little car that we cannot buy in the USA and go is a Ford.

Ubequitous are the roundabouts at intersections. We have stopped at few stop signs. The roundabouts keep traffic moving and probably save gas with less time stopped idling and with fewer accelerations. The intersections are kind a dance as you follow the lead of other cars and time your entrance into the roundabout. Be advised that French drivers are agressive but so far we have not done any slam dancing. My brain is still adjusting to fast speeds on narrow roads and streets.

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