Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sarlat en Canada

Wednesday is market day in the old district of Sarlat. We were there a couple nights ago and it was pretty quiet, not so this morning. There were vendors all through the old section with a few musicians and lotsof people, many of whom were tourist like us. The old section of town has a huge church, of course, tall buildings, narrow streets and narrower alley ways. The market place had quite a variety: farmers with fruits and vegetables, farmers with sausages, vendor with canned duck, canned beans, meat vendors, knife vendors, and a few artsy craft people in addition to the permanent stores along the street.

The old stone buildings offer many kodak moments, curving tight streets of a medieval age, with colorful umbrellas of vendors and outdoor restaurants where it okay to sit, rest and watch with a glass beer or wine at 11am. Not to be forgotten there was a Boulangerie right around the corner that made a tasty raisin roll.

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