Monday, October 12, 2009

More Paris

This is one busy city it starts early on weekdays and goes fast and hard until about 9pm. It is almost unbelievable that there are so many people on the streets between 4 and 8pm. Then again I'm just a country boy and this is the big city.

We walked for 5 hours at the Louvre today. They say you can walk 5 miles if you want to see everything. I believe it. I do think you need a PhD in Art History to fully appreciate all the art. Still there were thousands of people appreciating what they saw. Most popular were the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo and Napoleon's apartment.

We finished off the evening at a sidewalk cafe, one of thousands in the city. A couple drinks, dinner and an evening of people watching. A downside to the city are the smokers, it is much worse than anywhere in California. I have never seen a woman roll her own cigarette, tonight I saw two women do that. We will have to wash all our clothes when we get home.

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