Thursday, June 13, 2013


This morning the day started with clear blue skies. A good day to go to Jungfraujoch "The Top of Europe". Inside the square in the picture below is where we ended up.

At the top are a couple restaurants, observation decks, ice displays, tunnels and a train station. We boarded a train in Lauterbrunnen and changed trains in Kleine Scheidegg. The trip up the mountain on this cog railway is mostly through tunnels.

The views begin upon arrival at the top. We were not alone there were plenty of tourists of all nationalities and the trains were full. Of course today was a good weather day, you don't want to be there on a bad weather day. Much of the walking at the top is through tunnels and up elevators, the adventurous can hike up a snow covered hill to another vantage point. We did spy two people on top of one of the nearby peaks. Their only route appeared to be over ice and snow. On the back side is a glacier that flows out of sight. A great day, great experience and plenty of photo opportunities.

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