Tuesday, June 11, 2013


We are here until Saturday and it is kind rainy overcast but beautiful. Tomorrow the weather is supposed to improve. We bought railway tickets for the next three days which will take us to other villages, some higher on the mountain. We walked around the town, climbed up behind a waterfall and strolled up a valley path. Think of Yosemite with green grass, cows and sheep. This is a popular area for base jumpers, those people who take a train to the top of a hill, hike to the edge of a cliff, strap on wing like contraptions and parachutes and then jump. They are difficult to view as they fall or soar but easy hear and see when the chute opens. Around town they are the young ones with backpacks who all know each other no matter their national heritage. I might add base jumping is not on my "bucket list".

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