Friday, June 7, 2013


Overall all the weather has been good, there were a few rain and hail showers in Ireland and of course the downpour in Paris but some rain is expected. Here in Sarlat we are experiencing the warmest weather to date. According to the locals it has been a very rainy spring in this region. Speaking of showers the Europeans still haven't perfected theirs. All the showers have their quirks and the one in this apartment is a mystery when it comes to regulating water temperatures. I do have room to turn around but that is not always the case.
Sarlat is a real medieval town that has been rejuvenated. There are plenty of narrow streets and alleys to investigate and you never know when you will find a restaurant in a hidden place. The main square is full of open air restaurants and folks like hanging and out enjoying a coffee, beer or wine. Up scale shops and art stores add to the local flavor. This town is like Carmel only with medieval buildings and outdoor restaurants.

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