Wednesday, June 19, 2013

We are in Meaux, France tonight with the thunder, lightning and heavy rain and it is booming. The rental car has been dropped off and a taxi is on call for tomorrow morning. I figure by the time we get in bed at home Thursday night it will be 7am on the body clock. Home will feel good. Last night we stayed in a new hotel in a very small town, had a great dinner of rabbit and very complete breakfast even if I'm not fond of ham, smelly cheese and salami (I could never be French).
Today we drove through some great rural countryside and visited a champagne cellar, well actually just the tasting room. The taste came with a little education on how champagne is made and what the difference is between dry, semi dry and Brut. No matter they are all good.
Northern France in the last seventy years has experienced a long respite from wars. All through this country side there are reminders of the bad times. We have seen French and American cemeteries, signs that Sargent York was here, signs to stay out of these woods forever and historical names such as the Marne and Chateau Thierry. Modern agriculture rules the day to the benefit of local residents.
Tomorrow we catch the big bird home!

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Anonymous said...

Great times memories past and futre. Coming home to rest up for the next outing. :)
Welcome back to Gods Country.