Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday night

I must be doing better, I have been ignored most of the day. Small delights I took a shower and the a-fib problem seems to be over. My team of doctors did make their morning visit and said I will be getting out of ICU soon. The problem is I need a private room because of my very low immune system. This morning there was a nice call from an old rugby buddy who has recovered from lymphoma. It is encouraging to hear tales of success. So knock on wood there will be no more complications this week and we will move on to another bone marrow test on Thursday.

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Anonymous said...

I am knockin on that wood. Actually wood panelling but it is wood, so it counts. Glad you are finding the encouragement and goodness that is all around. Yup, those small delights even in a shower. Here's to you, Lee! Raising an imaginary glass of French wine at 10 am.