Thursday, May 15, 2014


Well I'm not really in a daze but this afternoon is the beginning of 7 days of chemo. This means being attached to a drip system 24/7. According to the doc and one of the nurses the really tough part begins next week. Basically the chemo will wipe out my bone marrow which includes my immune system and that is when things get dicey. According to the doc and the nurse everyone reacts differently to the drugs. I can only hope I'm one of the fortunate ones. There are 3 or 4 other people here on the same track with the same diseae. They had talked about my being in clinical trial but evidently the genetic material they were looking for wasn't there. The drug cocktail I am on is an older system which they haven't been able to improve on. I was afraid to ask what the success rate was.

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Catherine said...

Quite at shock to us all, but so proud of your attitude and desire to fight this thing! Today is much cooler down in San Diego. This should help all the weary firefighters and brighten everyone's spirits. I will be flying up to San Francisco tomorrow, late in the day, and meeting my sisters Sunday for a day of support and relaxation following Bruce's passing. I will check in with you and Gail, and see if you are up for a visit Monday or Tuesday. If you can't have visitors, I will grip Gail and go for a walk, talk or other support which I am sure she can use. Much love and prayers for a speedy recovery! Cathie and Pat